Natural stone and plastic materials

Marble, lapis lazuli, alabaster, onyx, glass, very delicate and valuable materials which we can used to produce high quality rings, glasses and any detail for the fashion, furnishing and luxury goods sectors.

pietre naturali

In addition to the toughest and hardest materials, waterjet technology is also perfect for cutting:

  • All plastic materials
  • At a thickness from 0.10 mm up to 305 mm and more
  • Various types of resins
  • Agglomerates
pietre naturali

Our gadgets are evidence of what we "promise", which are specifically designed to show how two parts with very different geometries, thicknesses and made of different materials can perfectly fit together.

This result can only be achieved if the cut profiles are perfectly vertical, done by compensating for the stream lag and taper, which are both unwanted inherent effects of water cutting.

These two problems are eliminated through the use of our dynamic head (Dynamic Waterjet - a Flow worldwide patent)!

moto idrotaglio